Velocity Tumbling offers 5 levels. Each of our levels are based off our studio colors. Tumblers will need to pass off every requirement in one level before being able to advance to the next level. Advancing can be done at any time so your tumbler can keep progressing.

White:Handstand, Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Good Side Cartwheel, Backbend Kickover, Backbend from standing position.

Silver:Back Walkover, Front Walkover, Round-Off, Opposite Side Cartwheel, One Handed Cartwheel, Backward Roll Push Up

Black:Standing Back Handspring, Front Handspring, Round-Off Back Handspring, Back Handspring Layout, Round- Off Double Back Handspring, Side Ariel

Teal:Front Tuck, Standing Back Tuck, Round-Off Back Tuck, Opposite Side Ariel, Front Ariel

Metallic Power:Power Tumbling with all the acquired skills

Tumbling Tuition Per Month 
1 hr./ $42
2 hr./ $80
3 hr./ $110
4 hr./ $130
5 hr./ $150
6 hr./ $170